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Luke Williams Luxury Hair Design

“Thoughtful hair care products are a combination of cutting-edge science, carefully chosen ingredients and a journey of constant discovery”

– Authentic Beauty Concept

At Luke Williams, Luxury Hair Design we take pride in offering the perfect blend of two well-known product ranges Olaplex and Goldwell. The complementary combination of Olaplex’s revolutionary hair repair technology and Goldwell’s extensive colour expertise creates an unparalleled experience for our clients. Together, these brands ensure that your hair not only looks stunning but also remains in optimal health. Olaplex’s unique bond-building formulas strengthen and rejuvenate your locks from within, while Goldwell’s diverse color range enables us to craft personalized, vibrant looks. The result? Hair that not only turns heads but also feels nourished and resilient. With this dynamic duo, we bring you the best of both worlds, ensuring your hair receives the ultimate care and attention it deserves…

Luke Williams

Experience the versatility of our holistic product range, offering a wide spectrum of options that cater to your unique hair needs. From high-performance solutions to gentle treatments, our range empowers you to achieve beautiful and effortlessly customized results, exactly as you desire.


Get inspired by a holistic colour system that gives you boundless possibilities. From high-performance permanent colour to gentle toning you get everything for beautiful and easy-to-create colour results. Just the way you love it.


Olaplex’s patented active chemistry works on a molecular level to repair damaged and broken bonds in the hair that are caused by chemical, thermal, and mechanical damage.

You can use OLAPLEX to restore damaged and compromised hair or add it to another service to provide the ultimate breakage insurance.

Exceptional Talent

Our team consists of skilled professionals dedicated to bringing your hair dreams to life

Tailored Experience

Each appointment is a personalized journey, ensuring your unique style and preferences are the focus.

Luxurious Atmosphere

Step into a space that exudes luxury and relaxation, creating a truly indulgent salon experience.

Quality Products

We exclusively use top-tier hair care products to enhance and maintain the health and beauty of your hair.